As part of the performance based group exhibition SEARCHING THE WHITE CUBE Travelling Cinema collaborated together with the sound artist Anja Kreysing(midi-accordeon, electronics) using 16mm film-loops(found-footage and handprocessed) and life sound of the projectors by contact microphones. Inside Rottstr5 Kunsthallen a cube-room out of projection fabrics was created, offering some people to sit down inside the cube and tell their story to capture the moment and create a reflection of space within a moment. The projected images and and storyteller could be observed from any viewpoint inside the exhibition space being intervened by the the created life sound and noise.

Ruth, a woman who accidently came to the Rottstr 5 on the first day of the 2-performance-night was invited to tell a story, that regards an important moment in her life, a story that she did not had the chance to tell before and also a story which concerns her as a woman.
If you cant understand the story because of sound or lack of German, please scroll down for the transscription and translation.

"I am Ruth
I am now 81years old
I was invited to tell a story
A story of my life
I married when I was 18
In the summer after I completing high school
My father had come with me to the registry office
because I was not yet of age
We then had a room with my parents
To get an apartment in 1954 was very difficult
We had a son and then another son
and then my husband started to work with a wheelbarrow and to excavate and build a house for us
When the house was nearly finished a little girl came into the world
Her name was Veronica
My little daughter
She was malformed
The doctor says it's a genetic mutation
A very poor little creature
My parents in law have never dared to look at the child
and in the half-finished house also no one ever visited us
The friends did not
The neighbors did not
Little Veronica , she became 7 months old and then died .
Afterwards I got two sons and was a wife and mother .
This is my story. "



Anja Kreysing

big thanks for the documentation to Lisa Bensel and Dato Chaganava