Experimental fictional feature film

73min / CinemaScope / 5.1 Sound / Color / 2017

The film is a mixture of sci-fi noir, comingof- age social drama and psychedelic experimental film. “The Astronauts’ Bodies” explores the romanticized idea of lightness and zerogravity as a strange paradoxical collective desire, to overcome Earth’s gravity which seems to be some kind of a heavy and pulling down bond. It is a poetic film about the beauty of the decaying body, the collective dream of going to space and the effects of zero-gravity on the body.

When his two mature children Anton and Linda start leaving the house, after graduation, father Michael stops taking care of his body. Anton sacrifices his body for a bed-rest-study to contribute to spacetraveling, while Linda is in search of her first sexual experience.

„Die Körper der Astronauten developes a wonderfully quiet undertow - with enigmatic depth. (...) In an aesthetic sense, her work is already one of the most innovative competition films of this festival year. It varies inbetween uncontrolledness, fragility and paralysis.“ - Kino-Zeit.de, Simon Hauck in kino-zeit during Max Ophüls Prize Film Festival


Festival History (selection)
38. Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis 2017
46th Sehsüchte International Student Filmfestival
Nominated for FIRST STEPS Award 2017
28. Kinofest Lünen - German Film Festival - Award for Best Screenplay (H.W.Geißendörfer Preis)
International Film Festival Uruguay - Award for Best Film in New Directors Competition
DCIFF DC Independent Film Festival Washington
16th Filmmor Women Film Festival Istanbul,
41. Grenzland-Filmtage Selb,
18. Sci Fi Filmfestival London,
10th MayDay Film Festival ,
21st Flying Broom Women Film Festival

2017 Best Narrative Feature Film Award at Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival
2017 Nomination for FIRST STEPS Award
2017 Best Screenplay Award (H.W.Geißendörfer Drehbuchpreis) at Kinofest Lünen
2018 Best Film New Directors Award at International Filmfestival of Uruguay
2018 Golden Star Award at Central Java Film Festival Indonesien
2018 Special Mention at 32. Cineuropa Compostela Film Festival
2018 Best Dramatic Feature at Strasburg Film Festival


Lars Rudolph, Zita Aretz, Béla Gabor Lenz, Luzie Nadjafi, Britta Thie

Director & Writer - Alisa Berger
Assistant Director - Peter Haas
Director of Photography - Bine Jankowski
Visual Effects - Peter Anlauf
Editing - Alisa Berger, Yana Höhnerbach, Gesa Hille
Sound Design - Jonathan Kastl
Sound Mixing - Judith Nordbrock
Music - Leonard Huhn und Christian Lorenzen, Ron Hofmann
Art Director & Costume - Santiago Alvarez
Line Producer - Robert Schäfer & Darius Cernota
Professors KHM - Frank Döhmann, Katrin Schlösser, Julia Scher
Funded by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

Distributed by CMFDC - Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre