video / performance, steaming water, ten performers, fireworks

dimensions variable

‘Identitärer Klimax’ is a performance of spoken word and movement in three parts. The outline was drawn by the artist who read out a text in Russian, German and English about the topic ‚Identity‘. By shifting the language in the different paragraphs, the spoken word aggravated a clear understanding of the overall message. 10 performers, as a second part of the intervention, were moving around in Kosmetiksalon Babette while listening to a so called ‘identity-mantra’ on headphones. These mantras were voicemail recordings each by the performers, who were talking in their mother tongue about their thoughts on identity. During the performance the performers could not hear the overall narration that the audience was hearing, while the audience was excluded from what the performers were listening to. Pots with boiling water were placed in the Bar, creating steam and serving as a visualization of blurry approaches to identity, home and affiliation. In the third part a simulated electricity blackout and a hidden firework on the street marked the climax of the performance night.

Text: Maria Wildeis

exhibition and performance history
Babette Bar / Kosmetiksalon Babette Berlin
Now&After Video Art Festival St. Petersburg