3-channel Video installation: 8 Min, colour, 3 x 16:9,

The video shows original recordings of sleeping people in a typical train in Ukraine. The journey goes from the East of Ukraine to the West, thus from the more pro-Russian part of Ukraine to the anti-Russian and pro-European part of Ukraine, but also the endangered one to nationalistic propaganda. From the off, we hear voices which seem to judge the travelers in the frame: comments by journalists, writers and artists (including Elena Fanailova) about the Ukrainian situation and the post-Soviet social, political and cultural conditions are interwoven with field recordings from Ukrainian nationalist demonstrations (mainly by the party „Svoboda“ - one of the most active and right-wing extremist parties which has given birth to the right-wing extremist party „Right Wing“, who are claiming that Ukraine has only two options, namely the right-wing extremism patriotism „Banderismus“, named after ukrainian nationalistic partisan Stepan Bandera or the corrupt Russian „banditism“ coming from the russian word “bandit” which translated means gangster or criminal). The video installation „Sleep“ is a metaphor derived from the surrealistic short story of the Russian author V. Pelevin „The Yellow Arrow“ and the theories of G. Gurdjieff: Man as a disoriented traveler in a train. Does he simply sleep, and let others judge and decide over his life, and in what form and in what contexts does he eventually become awaken?

„The past is a locomotive that pulls the future after it. Sometimes this past might even not be your own. You are traveling backwards and see only what has already disappeared. In order to get off the train you need a ticket. You hold it in your hands, but who will you show it to?“

V. Pelevin “The Yellow Arrow”

exhibition history:
Videonale Parkour Bonn, Germany
Cinemateca Bogotá, Colombia
Cinemateca Univalle de Cali, Colombia
Open Lab, KHM, Cologne, Germany
Zaja Lab, Bejing, China
Mapa Teatro, Bogota, Colombia
IV Feria Audiovisual y Cinematografica, Manizales, Colombia