|plɛdʒ//| [təːn]/ | [pʁɛs.ˈtiːʒ]

curated film program of video and experimantal films with students of Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln & Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

curated exclusively for FAR OFF 2017

presented also at PLAY Festival 2017


Mona Kakanj, Mikołaj Sobczak & Nicholas Grafia, Stefan Ramirez Perez, Franca Scholz, Leri Matehha, Nicola Gördes, Walter Solon, Peter Haas, Jorge Loureiro, Sebastian Thewes, Lena Ditte Nissen, Miriam Gossing & Lina Sieckmann, Jonathan Omer Mizrahi, Isabella Fürnkäs, 


Lukas von der Gracht w/ Roman @____why_not, Magda @magdammit, Casper @casperbeautiful, Artur @artrchrszcz, Misa @misa_chu_chan, Henry @glogowitz, Dennis @denniswintermeyer, Stella @stella_multi, Morys @kmorys – #artstudentsofthefuture 

The visual artist and filmmaker, says Herzog, understands at some point, that she is always performing illusion. And working with the immaterial - nothing more than a projection of light - all your life, makes you just a clown. (inevitable process). (it’s embarassing). (before eating his shoe).

The three stages: pledge/turn/prestige are loosely inspired by the film “The Prestige” by Christopher Nolan. Like the figures of the film, visual artists have become magicians, protagonists that have to inspire, amuse and seduce the audience, to possibly transform the world.

1) THE PLEDGE: (The) magic show
/plɛdʒ/ – Versprechen (Verkündung, Ankündigung) – The future +

2) THE TURN (without a body):
[təːn] – ̶w̶̶e̶̶n̶̶d̶̶e̶ warp – Volta

[pʁɛs.ˈtiːʒ] – Blendwerk, Geltung, Ruhm, Ruf, Trick, Leumund, Image, Gloriole, Wolke, Nebel“[1]

|plɛdʒ//| [təːn]/ | [pʁɛs.ˈtiːʒ]

Are we followed by illusions, or are we following them? What is your deepest illusion? Which one do you hold onto the most? What is the darkest illusion you are seeking? What is your illusion of the world, of reality? Of surface and ingredients, of sense, purpose and connection? What is your illusion of identity? What is your illusion of sexuality?

„So, what are you searching for?“; is the most common question you hear from locals during your journey, who want to understand your need, to satisfy you with exactly that one illusion you are seeking.

An illusion is never the unexpected. It is controlled, like lucid dreaming, a technique a young girl I meet in Goa is desperate to learn. She quit her law studies and is now deeply into practising and learning to heal, while in reality, her deepest desire is to learn lucid dreaming and just start to fly.

The unexpected is the opposite of an illusion. It hits you when you least expect it, like the death of a friend who was alive just days ago. Perhaps however, death is an illusion to prevent the really unexpected. “Always, you choose!"; people answer when i ask them for advice out of insecurity. (Illusion of freedom of choice seems to lie close to illusion of security.)

The magic of the illusion is sold to you just a second after it was taken out of your own pocket. The greatest satisfaction lies in the fact that you know it was just taken out of your pocket. The fact that you didn’t catch the moment however, makes it magic: Expected and controlled, while remaining an eternal symbol for the free and uncontrolled.

The truthful answer is the paradox answer. It is the opposite of illusion, as it is a paradox within itself. The answer to the famous question posed to me by another seeker is; “I'm searching for adventure”. My answer though, merely mirrors his answer to the question I had secretly asked myself. I add; ”and an illusion which may outlast its natural date of expiry”. An illusion which becomes paradox by existing past its expiry date and in turn, evolves into a gateway to something new.

The question remains; what is illusion? Does it really exist, or is it just the surface of time?
Lets project the light.