sculpture (5.5m, 3.5m, 5m) fabrics, video-installation (7min, color, 4:3)

Mohnmädchen (translated means “Poppy girl”) is a (1-channel) video installation in an enclosed space, a triangular fabric creates a walk-in-tetrahedron in space.

The video in the walk-in installation/sculpture deals with the interest in skin as a surface and membrane and the (associated) interior of a body. Video recordings of erotic gestures, performative self-presentation are woven with scraps of images of structures and the noise of a buzzing swarm of bees. From the erotic feeling of security a feverish nervousness is born, targeting on an outbreak, or perhaps an auto-destructive or liberating act.

Mohnmädchen describes a journey inside, which seeks a confrontation with the moment of madness and ecstasy in a room where there are only two ways out; in or out.

The following work “Mohnmädchen fragment” is a series of photographs of the sculptures entrance.

exhibited at Kunstpavillon München
published BÄM publications