performance with fireworks, text and spoken word, video-documentation, dimensions variable

A video collage of performative elements: social media video postings, documenting videomaterial, text which was partly recited during the performance and then handed over to the public. The recited text was engaging with the writings of Guy Debord.

The performance took place on 2 June 2018 in Yerevan as part of the “Fischers Fritze” group exhibition initiated by the Goethe Institute SLZ Yerewan and the Women’s Culture Bureau NRW, curated by Maria Wildeis.

In May 2018, the so-called Velvet Revolution in Yerevan led to a regime change. The acting subjects exit the physical protective space. Only the fireworks take place here, a gesture of excess, which in this enclosed space becomes an inverted metaphor of freedom. The viewers transfer the happening to the virtual space through their social media posts: The virtual life experience of a fireworks reflects the real experience of a domesticated fireworks and is reminiscent of the “alienation of the viewer in favor of the viewed object“.

performance history:
Goethe Institut Yerevan SSZ & Mirzoyan Library