curated film program for FAR OFF 2016

presented 2016 at CCA - Centre of Contemporary Art Tbilisi


Reut Shemesh & Melanja Palitta, Miriam Gossing & Lina Siekmann, Walter Solon, Mona Kakanji, Lena Ditte Nissen,  Stefan Ramírez Pérez, Linda Franke, Henning Frederik Malz, Sebastian Thewes, bergernissen 

Of what kind is the world that surrounds us? Where are we located? And which are the extensions of our physical shape?

Digital Bodies shows explorations, journeys and trips to distinct realities. The art videos and experimental films deal with environments – existing ones, familiar or far away, fictional, or places of the past. The protagonists are captured in a multi-facetted world and create a connection between real eyes, human flesh and digital bodies in digital films. 2013-2016.