„Archeological Studies (part I)“ is a performance that we realized at the summer festival „Lichterfest“ of the K21 - Museum of Contemporary Art in Düsseldorf. The performance played with the representative position of the institution of the museum and scientific systems.

The performance group, disguised as an archaeological research delegation, stayed in a tent in front of the museum. A professional diver, brought objects from the water of the Kaiserteich lake in front of the museum. The objects found in the semi-natural environment of the lake - bottles, rubbish, plastic, a teddy bear - were brought to the research tent by the boat crew and then examined, classified, categorized and archived for an exhibition. While interacting with the audience, all performers represented their roles as scientists - with specializations such as astro-minerology, futurism, utopianism, and chaos prevention.

Through the museum context, the audience were in a constant conflict, how to classify the research delegation.

The first part of „Archeological studies“ functioned as the foundation for an installation.

With „Archeological Studies (part II) - archive“ we changed the setting of the piece from a public outside to an interior space, from a simulated connection to an institution to an institutional, museal allocation - an exhibition at Kunsthalle Osnabrück within EMAF.

The installation consists of a video shown on a wall of flatscreens and two vitrines containing the found objects as well as scientific notes from the research. The installation was presented at the European Media Art Festival at Kunsthalle Osnabrück, in the context of an exhibition on irony as a subversive artistic method.