Projekt 66

»In my experience of working with Projekt66 in „PARS VIDEO post-exit-persischer66-abend“ I found the company as an example of those spaces that are truly able to cradle young art at its crucial moments of flourishing. The space nurtures creativity and sociality in the most natural way and in my opinion has played an effective role in provoking exciting intercultural communications in the short period of its activity.«
Sina Seifee, artist

Project 66 was a cultural meeting point, an off-space at Cologne Hansaring station (Hansaring 66) in a 6th floor 100m² rooftop loft.

Between 2015 - 2016 it was run by Alisa Berger, Kenn Hartwig and Pia Sperber, standing for diversity, interdisciplinary discourse, experimental sound and art education. The focus of our work was the networking of different cultural disciplines and the strengthening of a young community scene.

A selection of exhibitions, events, performances curated by Alisa Berger and Projekt 66

26. AUGUST 2015
Mathias Schaffhäuser Live

Well, what about Mathias Schaffhäuser? This man looks back on a veritable and never ending live tour which led him to Buenos Aires, Rostock, Singapore, Offenbach, Chelyabinsk, St. Gallen and Trieste. What combines these more or less illustrious places, you may ask? Everywhere it was absolutely super cool, doesn't matter if the city was incredibly huge or at the country side. Schaffhäuser’s set kept throwing audiences off the curve. I mean, who squeezes techno and house tradition, spontaneous vocal performances, crude cover versions and melodica solos into a one-hour set, without constantly staring at a computer screen? But, from nothing nothing comes. Even before 1993 (does anyone remember this time?) Schaffhäuser sang and played guitar in several bands, so he knows how to rock the house. At Projekt 66 he will show his more housy and soulful side.

13. AUGUST 2015

Stalagmite of Light is an experience based on improvisation, through Electro acoustic and Tar, the Iranian traditional instrument.One of my dear friends one day asked me the following question: "Do birds understand each other's language?” "Certainly," I answered, "they do.” My friend replied: "How do you know this?” "It so happens that in the beginning when who is the Maker in the real sense wanted to manifest my being that not yet was, He created me in the form of a falcon. However, in the land where I was there were also other falcons; we talked to one another, we listened to the different words and we understood each other.” ('aql-i-sorkh) of Suhrawardi 1154-1191

Pedram Farhadifar
is an Iranian musician and Tar instrumentalist (Radif-preserver), born in 1984 in Kermanshah, in the west of Iran. since 2013 he lives and works in Germany. When he was thirteen, he began learning persian music and playing Setar and then after some years he started playing Tar and learning Radif (the traditional music of Iran is based on the Radif) with Hooshang Farahani and Mohammad Reza Lotfi. In 2005, he entered the Tehran Conservatory and graduated in playing and teaching music. Except for the solo and group concerts in Iran, He performed and collaborated with many musician in Armenia, Azerbaijan,Turkey and Germany.

Ali Chakav
is a multi-disciplinary experimental artist, born in 1984 in Tehran, based in Cologne-Germany. In 2003 he graduated Communication Design at the AZAD art university in Iran and since 2012 he studies Media Art at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany. His Artworks focus on investigations into the potential of Art as a media, with experimental behavior in hidden layers in the environment.

25. JULI 2015

Echo Ho is a Cologne based interdisciplinary artist and composer. Her artistic practice often shows a complex migrational context and conceptual links of culturally diverse materials and artistic discipline.  As a musician she works with field recordings, experimental eclectroacoustic composition, she performs live and collaborates with musicians from around the globe. ( Between 2007 to 2013, Echo Ho re-invented the oldest traditional Chinese string instrument `Gu Qin´ into a `Slow Qin´. Since 2014 she has been created a electro solo project `zo-on slows (aka. Echo Ho)´, songs are constructed by merging field recording with digital noises and vocal performance, fusing experimental pop - beat and tunes.

As some of you know, Projekt 66 will be closing soon, so come and share one of these last audio-roof experiences.

2. JULI 2015
female:presure Electronic Concert curated by SONAE

Ein Abend mit Musikerinnen aus dem female:pressure Netzwerk
Ah! Kosmos (Denovali / Istanbul) 
Sonae (Monika Enterprise / Köln) 

25. JUNI 2015
HORRORISM FOR BEGINNERS, BEGINNERS FOR HORRORISM - Anja Dornieden and Juan David González Monroy

curated by Lena Ditte Nissen

On this occasion OJOBOCA offers its introductory film massage. With our purpose-made device our trained film masseuses will help you release your other self. Working directly on the invisible flesh, in four distinct movements, the sickness of light will be revealed. A word of caution: This is a device that does not release pressure. This is a device that does not sooth, that does not relieve pain. This is a device that does not apply gentle massage. This is a device that does not ameliorate noise. This is a device that does not remember. This is a device that does not learn. This is a device that is always beginning, that does not know how to end. This device is like a sentient ocean whose behavior is beyond understanding.

GENTE PERRA [2014, 16mm, 25 min, color/black & white, sound]
WOLKENSCHATTEN [2014, 16mm, 17 min, color, sound]
NOW I WANT TO LAUGH [2014, 16mm, 15 min, color, sound]
APOCALYPSE FOR YOU [2014, 16mm, 20 min, color, sound]

Anja Dornieden and Juan David González Monroy are filmmakers living and working in Berlin. Since 2010 they have been working together under the moniker OJOBOCA. Together they practice Horrorism, a simulated method of inner and outer transformation. Their work encompasses films, performances, installations and workshops. They have presented their work internationally in a wide variety of venues to a wide variety of audiences. They are currently members of the artist-run film lab LaborBerlin.

28. MAI 2015

Jens-Uwe Beyer live (Magazine/Kompakt) 
Before and after Ambient DJ set by ML (Radio Cómeme/NTS Radio) 

Projekt 66 invites to Ambient Fever Number Two. This time Jens-Uwe Beyer, co-runner of the Cologne based label Magazine, part of the nebulous band Cologne Tape and formerly as Popnoname in the game, performs live. Above the rooftops of Cologne he will create moods and atmospheres with warm, protracted tones and subtle dancing percussion structures. Beside current works he will present parts of his yet unnamed new ambient album, out on Kompakt in late summer 2015. His performance will be accompanied by ML of Radio Cómeme and NTS Radio, who will loose himself in the past, present and possible future of ambient music.

streamed live via 

19. FEBRUAR 2015

SONAE live
(Monika Enterprise / female:pressure) 
before and after  
Ambient-DJ-Set by ML (RADIO CÓMEME)

Friendship and Coming of Age trouble are only two cornerstones of Sonae, Cologne’s best kept ambient secret. Her wide, flowery and raw music melts field recordings, tiny little club moments, sensitive piano emotions, gently twisted electronica and the unconscious noise of her city into a charming one-off ambient cosmos. Her debut album „Far Away Is Right Around The Corner“ will be released on 13th of February 2015 on Gudrun Gut’s ever so touching label Monika Enterprise. A week later Sonae will present her latest work and more live over the roofstops of Cologne. The performance of the woman that also runs the female:pressure electronic concert series in Cologne will be accompanied by ML of Radio Cómeme and NTS Radio, who will loose himself in the past, present and possible future of ambient music.

3. FEBRUAR 2015

18Uhr Doors Open / DJ-set by Agent Duplo
20Uhr Sound-Performance by Tzeshi Lei
22Uhr Doors Close - warm goodbye-hugs

UPCOMING Tuesday we would like to invite you to a mindblowing sound-performance by TZESHI LEI (made in Taiwan!!!)!
(ambient / experimental / sci-fi) 

Tzeshi Lei makes improvised electronic music for unexplored places, unmade films and unknown rituals, also experiments the possibilities of noise -- whether forming it into an excessive atmosphere, a dreamscape or an obscure image. Using both organic and un-organic sounds, her music tries to blur the boundary between order and disorder, and to engage with other sensorial aspects of music.

Before and after DJ-tunes by
Agent Duplo (RENI/LINDA)

11. DEZEMBER 2014

Das letzte Event im Projekt 66 dieses Jahr und unsere nicht Weihnachtsparty… Wir lassen das Jahr 2014 mit einem Iranisch-post-exit-persischen-P66-Abend ausklingen! Kein Glühwein! Kein Nikolaus! Kein Krampus! Und kein Weihnachtsbaum! Come and enjoy!

pars scedule:
- "shab-neshini dar jahanam" - cinematic-live-dub
- exklusiv verloren geglaubte Raritäten - film-super - Iranisches Found Footage!
- Dance-workshop - first steps on how to do aerobic and be persian at the same time!
- Chai, Sahnebrot (L-XL) und Backgammon!
- audiovisuelle Lecture-Performance
- modern act with momentary Aphrodite of Pop mix iranian: Mysterious DJs

...once there was a land that went and crossed a great mountain and built a land, then they turned to the old man's face, "what's the matter my child?" "we don't want to see you again!" they shouted. But this wasn't an obstacle for him rather an inspiration to think closely together with his dreams. For a little while they were OK, but then later they realized there is something wrong with their human-pyramid, it was a school of fish changing direction. In the meanwhile the old man's face was busy shining a different character, but somewhere deep inside he felt vanquished.

*powered by
Sina, Nazgol, Mona, Ali, Alisa, Sanaz, Mehran, P66 & Friends

26. NOVEMBER 2014
Unter der Äthermaske


Leo und Kenn lesen und vertonen Beschreibungen von Trips aus William S. Burroughs "Auf der Suche nach Yage".
»Yage (Ayahuasca, or Banisteripsis Caape) [is] used by Amazon indian doctors for finding lost objects, mostly bodies and souls.« ( Es werden Stimme, Effektgeräte und evtl. ein paar konventionelle Instrumente zum Einsatz kommen.

Leonhard Huhn 

Kenn Hartwig 

Vorher und hinterher wird uns Martin Schmitz am Vinyl eklektisch durch den Abend geleiten. Wir freuen uns auf euch!
.·:*´¨¨`*:·. I am dying, Meester? .·:*´¨¨`*:·.

18. NOVEMBER 2014
C.A.R. "Beyond The Zero" Releasekonzert

An diesem Dienstag Abend findet das erste Konzert in unseren Räumlichkeiten statt. C.A.R. werden ihr Debutalbum "Beyond The Zero" vorstellen, das im Oktober auf Unit Records erschienen ist. Im 18. Jahrhundert waren zeitweise „Phosphen-Partys“ beliebt, bei denen die Teilnehmer im Kreis saßen, sich an den Händen fassten und durch die Gruppe von einem elektrostatischen Generator gelieferten Strom laufen ließen, um so Phosphenwahrnehmungen zu erleben. Das Jahr 1972 war das längste Jahr des gregorianischen Kalenders. Es war als Schaltjahr um einen Tag und zwei Schaltsekunden länger als üblich.
Leonhard Huhn — Saxophon, Effekte
Christian Lorenzen — Piano, Synthesizer
Kenn Hartwig — Kontrabass, Effekte
Johannes Klingebiel — Drums