invitation created by Olya Lomanska

Special sound ritual @ LICHT e.V. curated by Alisa Berger & Kotaro Mitsuno
1) Kazehito Seki
2) 10000DAC x NW "RIR1009
3) preparation ritual by Kotaro Mitsuno ft. Alisa Berger & Maria Wildeis

We invite our audiences to an engaging night showcasing 3 guest artists who are challenging the envelopes of electroacoustics, each from different perspectives hollistically involving the physical, psyche, and cognition. We aim to rediscover both the old and the new in today's fast paced world, where humans are subjugated by contents that we have created in our dying renaissance and rush past without batting an eye.

1) Kazehito Seki
Amplified voice x Feedbacks / Raw noise, Cut up harsh, Actionisme, Earplug is Murder

2) 10000DAC x NW "RIR1009
10000DAC ( One man, high voltage pressure - Nancy / France )
Kévin Angboly is a musician/performer based in France. He uses total improvisation as a method in his different projects. The common and main element of his work is the idea of total theatre mix together with sound where interaction with the public becomes necessary.In 2007, he is one of Reaction Power Trio (RPT) founders, collective of improvised music, noise, performance and more. He currently plays as drummer in bands such as »Python vs Cobra », "Les conférences bunker" and is the lead singer of "Teen Katy sucks black“. For 10000DAC, I choose to condensed all my frustrations into a fully and compact 10 minutes set. Using the minimum or almost nothing as a start, a few second will be enough to get to the point of never coming back. Only the high voltage sound pressure could keep me the closest to the truth.


NW "RIR1009 - William Nurdin
( Actionism and Serendipity - Nancy / France )
Born in 1980, imbued with an existential desire to bring concrete music to performance.
Last years he collaborated with Junko Hiroshige, Dave Phillips, Cathy Heyden, Michiko K.Mical, Lauren Rodz, Tatie Petanol. For ten years, he has been conducting a free radio program, called « A Propos de Minos », a weekly itinerant open stage. He runs in 2010 his own label RoHS Prod, not fixed on any one genre, style or approach of experimental music. In 2012, with Gregory Henrion, he organized the first edition of « Bruitisme » Festival.
MORE For this new live project, called "RIR1009", the purpose is to developed manipulation of feedback, buccal basics and psychoacoustic. An headset-mic and/or contact-mic, plugged into a customed distortion effect, connected into a wireless system, wear with a belt to be free to move like i need. ABOUT:

Kotaro Mitsuno is a media performer from Chicago and Tokyo, currently based in Düsseldorf. He uses audio visual performances as vehicles for communication and to break away from the floodgates of information that overwhelm our lives. He also hosts yearly the TOKYO FESTIVAL OF MODULAR.

Alisa Berger is a digital nomad artist goddess from the Ex-Soviet Union. She is conjuring with video, sound, film, butoh and audiovisual performances. She is one part of performance duo Bergernissen artist collective, slashback kisser of Senti menti and oracle at FAR OFF.

Maria Wildeis is a soundartist, curator and high priestress of Tiefgarage, Gemeinde Köln and FAR OFF. She is also a webdesigner, programmer and a DJ for Acid House, Disco, Techno and experimental music. Lately she played for Kompakt Records,, smaller labels and also at parties in Tokyo (Ruby Room, Feb 2018) and Yerevan (DAS, June 2018), Bremen (Moin Moin Festivals) and Spain. 

*photo-credit: (c) Martin Chylík